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About Us


Who We Are

Meet Kathleen Flaherty Hall, owner and, the imagination behind the R**Bandana Winery(s). A Pittsburgh native, Kate established the business in 2012, on property situated near Cook Forest in Leeper, PA.. Surrounded by a wonderful complement of staff, bartenders, managers etc., she continues to expand the Bandana experience to new and exciting locales.


What We Do

Our goal is to provide our customers/friends with the finest wines, atmosphere and experience that we can offer. All of our wines are ultra-low in sufites and, we use minimal sugars in our process, preferring to let the grapes speak for themselves. The "atmospheres" are unique at each location and, are an experience in themselves.


Where We Are

Should you be in the mood for a trip to the country, you can find us at the original location in Leeper, Pa., at 265 Allio Drive. The property has ample deck space and a farmhouse available for rental right next door !  Our location at 1276 Liberty St.  in beautiful downtown Franklin, Pa., brings the same attention to "vibe" but, is located in  quintessential small town, U.S.A. Keep an eye open because Kate and crew are in the process of coming home to Pittsburgh ! Yet another R**Bandana is currently under construction near the Waterfront area, in Homestead. Keep up to date right here !

Sit down & enjoy a glass or bottle or, buy a bottle or case to go

Price List



CABERNET SAUVIGNON    dry     flavors reminiscent of black cherries,currents & oak    $19

CHAMBOURCIN    dry    spicy    $15

REBEL RED    semi-sweet    intense Fredonia grape flavors & aromas    $12

CONCORD    sweet    luscious fruit aroma with a lingering finish    $12

MIDNIGHT MOON    sweet    medium bodied excellent served alone    $19


BANDANA BLUSH    semi-sweet  (like Dan)   a smooth blush with aromas of honey    $12

CATAWBA    sweet  (like Bob)    a smooth blush with tropical and citrus aromas    $12


CHARDONNAY    dry     rich, creamy and reminiscent of tropical fruits and citrus with hints of butter& vanilla  $15

PINOT GRIGIO    semi-dry    light & crisp with aromas of apple,melon and peach    $17

REISLING    semi-dry    classically syled reminiscent of apricot, nectarine & honey    $17

REFLECTIONS    semi-sweet    crisp & bright blend of 93% Vidal and  7%    $17

NIAGARA    sweet    very intense grape flavor and aroma    $12 


BLACKBERRY   sweet    $19

BLUEBERRY     sweet    $15

RED RASPBERRY    sweet    $19

STRAWBERRY    sweet    $15


all locations offer a small variety of Pennsylvania beer products as an alternative  beverage for those who don't drink wine (YET !)

MLH Distillery products

 the Franklin location also offers exclusive  cocktails mixed with MLH Distillery gins, vodka & coffee liquours 

Upcoming Events & Entertainment in Leeper

Friday May 30    HOMETOWN UNION    7:00

Saturday June 1    TUNES IN A BUCKET    7:00

Friday June 7    S.O.S. KARAOKE    7:00

Saturday June 8   ROCK A BILLY NIGHT ! Billy and the Neptunes    7:00

Friday June 14    PAPA MOJO    7:00

Saturday June 15    THORN HAVEN    7:00

Friday June 21    ACOUSTIC EARLE    7:00

Saturday June 22    to be announced

Friday June 28    S.O.S. KARAOKE    7:00


Friday July 5th   ELEMENTS    7:00

Saturday July 6th   BILLY AND THE NEPTUNES  7:00

Friday  July 12th   S.O.S.  KARAOKE   7:00

Saturday  July 13th  THORN HAVEN  7:00

Friday July 19th

Saturday July 20th  ELEMENTS  7:00

Friday July 26th  SOS KARAOKE  7:00

Saturday July 27th  WHITE CAT OUT  7:00

No upcoming events.

Upcoming Events & Entertainment in Franklin

Saturday June 1    RE-ISSUE    7:30

Friday June 7    ELEMENTS    7:30

Saturday June 8    SAVE YOURSELF    7:30

Friday June 14    JOYRIDE    7:30

Saturday June 15    MR. LUCKY    7:30

Friday June 21    LONESOME BOB    7:30

Saturday June 22    WHITE CAT OUT    7:30

Friday June 28    RICK MAGEE & the ROADHOUSE ROCKERS    7:30

Saturday June 29    MIS B' HAVIN    7:30


Friday July 5th  ELEMENTS  7:30

Saturday July 6th  BEACH PARTY W. PAN TROPIX  7:30

Friday July 12th  TUNES IN A BUCKET  7:30

Saturday July 13th  MIS B' HAVIN  7:30

Friday July 19th  N.C.R.  7:30

Saturday July 20th  SAVE YOURSELF  7:30

Friday July26th  RE-ISSUE  7:30

Saturday July 27th  MR. LUCKY  7:30

No upcoming events.

Visit our wine shed in Tionesta (opening May 1st)

Located in the heart of Main St. in Tionesta,  the shed provides a convenient distribution spot for our camping friends and visitors. Wine guru Doug Hunter is on hand to answer any questions and assist you in your choice. Tastings, by the bottle or case sales , surrounded by  a  super fun and friendly atmosphere with other local business'. Open  weekends only

Farmhouse Rental (Leeper), Event Rental, Reservations etc.

Drop us a line!

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Better yet, see us in person!


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Contact Us & Hours of Operation

R**Bandana Winery

265 Allio Drive, Leeper, and 1276 Liberty St., Franklin Pa

412 789 8272

Hours vary by location


Sunday closed

Monday closed

Tuesday 4:00 to 10:00

Wednesday noon to 10:00 

Thursday noon to 10:00

Friday noon to midnight

Saturday noon to midnight


Sunday noon to 6:00 

Monday closed 

Tuesday  closed

Wednesday noon to 7:00

Thursday noon to 7:00

Friday noon to 11:00

Saturday noon to 11:00


closed as we perform heavy construction

(we're shooting for a summer opening !)

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